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 BC's Political Profile

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PostSubject: BC's Political Profile   BC's Political Profile Icon_minitimeTue Oct 21, 2008 11:44 am

I apologize in advance if this is written poorly. I've never really just sat down and spilled my ideology into one post. If it isn't precise enough, let me know, and i'll try my best to fill in any gaps.

I am an anarchist. I do not condone the use of the state (government, not the marxist definition) or heirarchy to exact change. I believe the state can be nothing but an institution of corruption, and it is the bitch of the capitalists. I believe if change is to occur, it must come from the grass-roots, from the bottom, up. And if that change is to remain, the people must "govern" themselves. I do not wish to see power abolished, but rather given to all, equally (i do not believe it is power which corrupts, but the alienation from it [as well as the process of alienation]).

I am a communist. I do not have any delusions of going from capitalism to communism in one step; it is not possible. I believe, in transition, there must be a period of collectivization. During this period, all of the private property previously owned by the economic elite (capitalists) will be freed, left to the people who work this property. The collective should use resources already at their disposal to survey the needs of the people (i.e. housing, food, clothing and whatnot). Industries should federate among the same industries in different locations and work with the aforementioned surveyors so as to accomodate the needs of the people (housing the homeless, feeding the hungry, giving work to those without work). Also during this period, i think the country should focus as much as is possible on becoming independant of foreign resources, since i don't find it to be in the interest of the people to be indebted to another country (especially a capitalist one, which would be the case). Also, the industries should be put to as high a capacity as they can muster(Amerikkka's productive capacity is at 70% last i heard) so to reach communism as soon as possible. Until communism is reached, a system of rationing will be in place (i am not opposed to a rationing system even after communism is established, so as to be mindful of our environment, and not waste what limited resources we have) to ensure that the wages and resources are distributed in a way that is fair (if they are not, then we are promoting capitalist principles, that some deserve more than others). Banks should be established to house resources and make sure they are being used efficiently, and for the good of all. Once production meets or exceeds consumption, communism would have been established, and wages abolished.

Again, if you feel something hasn't been sufficiently explained, feel free to ask for clarification.
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BC's Political Profile
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